5EB Workshops

5 Elements Breathwork Workshops
Discover Breathwork
Twice a month
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Prana nada
Once in 2 months
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5EB Basics
Once in 2 months
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5EB Himalayan Retreat
Twice a year
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5EB Kailash Retreat
Once in 2 years
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Brief information on each Workshop
A half-day workshop, conducted twice a month. It covers:
  • Background, theory, and benefits of 5EB
  • 5 Elements Breathwork technique
  • Practical session
  • Experience sharing
A full-day workshop on Breathwork, it covers:
  • A detailed theory on 5EB
  • 2 5EB sessions
  • Experience sharing post 5EB sessions
  • Energy work
  • Learning and understanding the energy cycle in 5EB
Two day residential workshop, it covers:
  • An advanced version of Prana nada
  • Introduction to 5 Elements Breathwork, five breath forces, and their connection
  • Introduction to the science of brain breathing (Swara Yoga)
  • Practical Breathwork sessions with two elements (one element on each day)
  • Experience sharing
  • 5EB meditation for the integration of energies and for a new beginning.

These workshops are a great way of getting initiated in the practice of 5 Elements Breathwork. They provide an excellent opportunity to connect with your deeper self, heal traumas, strengthen relationships and support the participant in appropriately addressing physical, emotional, psychological issues.

5EB practice can be continued subsequent to these workshops.
Participants of Prana Nada or 5EB Basics get to join the fortnightly 5EB meditations facilitated by DP Mahesh.
The regular practice of 5 Elements Breathwork, at least once a week, and meditating with the group strengthens one's growth.


Sadgamaya Foundation’s Breathwork Retreat takes place in the quaint and calm Haidakhan Ashram.
This ashram is in the lap of the Himalayas and is known for its effervescent energy and positive environment that grips your soul and lets you feast through your senses.

There is a special connection, one feels, with Sri Guru Babaji (popularly known as Mahavatar Babaji) who is believed to be the guru of Breathwork.
It is widely known that Haidakhan Baba is a manifestation of Sri Guru Babaji.
Thus the choice of Haidakhan Ashram has a great significance in this 5 Elements Breathwork Himalayan Retreat.
The last day of the retreat is dedicated to meditating at Kainchi Dham Ashram enjoying the blissful energy of Neem Karoli Baba who is said to be the avatar of Hanuman, the lord of breath.
Meditating at Kainchi Dham Ashram blesses each participant to complete the initiation in 5EB and stay connected with his / her breath always.

The retreat lasts for nine days with a specific plan for each day.
Each day is devoted to living in the ashram, interacting and working with the elements.
It includes giving and receiving hands-on sessions.
The day ends with all the participants sharing their experiences.
Mahesh guides the sharing and helps provide contextual explanations and recommends changes that could be implemented by individual participants in their practice.
How to participate?
It is mandatory to attend Prana Nada or 5EB Basics to be a part of 5 Elements Himalayan Retreat.
The Himalayan retreat is, in turn, a must to attend the 5 Elements Kailash Retreat.
The 5 Elements Breathwork Himalayan Retreat is a life-changing experience that teaches you to feel WOW and help others feel it too.

At the end of the program, not only is each participant a certified 5 Elements Breathwork facilitator, they also, invariably, fall in love with Haidakhan.

5EB Kailash Retreat

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and dive into the realm of your imagination.
The ultimate spiritual destination - Mount Kailash.
Imagine being one with this surreal phenomenon - three days of arduous yet mesmerizing circumambulation around the abode of the Gods, breathwork in Mansarovar Lake, being a live witness to the manifestation of celestial beings and experiencing 5 Elements Breathwork at unparalleled divine energy spots around this sacred mountain.
It opens up infinite possibilities for your inner growth.
Welcome to this life-transforming Kailash Retreat.

This Retreat is unlike any other, each participant gets to complete a three-day circumambulation and the uniqueness of 5 Elements Breathwork in its purest form.

Mahesh and his team accompany the participants and are with them throughout. He inspires and prepares each one individually and personally.

According to his personal experience, an important inner alignment takes place within each participant on completion of the circumambulation (Parikrama) of three days. Mahesh’s energies, guidance and preparations along with 5EB sessions, a 70-year-old could complete the 3-day circumambulation successfully!

Eligibility - Completion of one Himalayan Retreat
Essentials - Mandatory special breath training 3 months before the Kailash Retreat under the guidance of DP Mahesh.
This is to prepare the body for cold weather conditions and
formidable low oxygen during the circumambulation.

Itinerary: Detailed Itinerary is sent closer to the date of the retreat. The activities in the 5EB Mount Kailash Retreat include:

  • 1. The first day in Mount Kailash is aligned with FULL MOON day
  • 2. 5EB session/ meditation/ fire ceremony on full moon day day in Mansarovar
  • 3. Fire Breathwork around Kailash
  • 4. Three days Parikrama (circumambulation) around Kailash.
  • 5. Trek to Gaurikund (optional)