5EB Meditation

Meditating at world's highest lake Gaurikund
Meditation is an integral part of 5 Elements Breathwork (5EB)

5EB meditation was started by DP Mahesh, to hasten spiritual growth, overcome obstacles and enhance self-improvement. During the meditation, 5 Elements Breathwork practitioners, across the globe, sit together (wherever they may be) at the same time and meditate with Mahesh and other Masters. This helps to get more souls connected with each other to channelize energies towards deeper self-realization.

How to register for 5EB Meditation?

Eligibility: Completion of Prana Nada or 5EB Basics.

Login and register each time a group meditation is announced.

*Registration closes half an hour prior to the meditation time.

How should I practice 5EB Meditation?

Sit in a comfortable position facing North or East - North being preferable.

Ensure you are undisturbed for one hour.

Do continuous connected breathing (CCB) for 10mins prior to the given time. Subsequently slow your breath and meditate.

The duration is usually an hour. In case you are unable to remain connected for that period, you can sleep.
What to avoid?

1. Phones to be kept in silent or switched off (preferred) mode. Do not use your mobile or any other electronic gadget during the time of meditation.

2. Do not consume alcohol at least one day prior to meditation. It is also advised that you abstain from alcohol during and up to one day after the meditation.


Meditation during these days is extremely beneficial to the senses, body and the mind.
Spiritual growth during this period is supported by the earth’s energy as well as by the alignment of the planets, thereby enhancing the connection to the higher self and the Divine.

Which are the days 5EB Meditation is done?

5EB Meditation is done on each full moon and new moon day.
It is done on other days like Maha Shivaratri, Krishna Ashtami, Buddha Poornima and Christmas.
The date and time of meditation is put up for
information and registration.


As our Masters and Healers are connecting with us during 5EB Meditations, a high degree of healing happens.
Their divine energy supports our energy to overcome blocks and help us live a fulfilling life – established in a higher consciousness. With the group connecting, at the same time, the energies created are highly beneficial for us and all around us.