A 5EB session takes one to two hours and varies from person to person. Time taken will depend on one’s energy cycle.
5EB is a type of breathwork. It is a breathing technique practiced with one of the five elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Space). This unique method of breathing takes into cognizance the importance of these 5 elements, that are constant companions in our three-dimensional reality. Practicing breathwork with the 5 elements has a grounding effect on our personality that allows us to connect with everything and yet remain unique.
Typically ten sessions are required with the assistance of a qualified 5EB Facilitator to release the trauma that one is faced with. After that one can continue to practice alone. The actual number of sessions varies from person to person.
5EB sessions are associated with high levels of physical and / or emotional intensity. It is important to have a qualified 5EB facilitator to support and guide during initial sessions.
It is a fact that emotions or experiences, that one is not equipped to deal with or successfully integrate, never surface. We have found this to be true, in the thousands of sessions conducted, so far.
There should be a proper balance between nose and mouth breathing. Breathing through the mouth causes repressed emotions and feelings to surface. While breathing through the nose can cause the same, it has the advantage of helping integrate these emotions and feelings. In order to integrate them, one should always start and finish a session, breathing for a few minutes, through the nose.
To start, most people need to open their breathing mechanism. We have observed that it needs a minimum of 10 sessions to be able to do the same. However, some people may need more sessions.
Breathing only in the abdomen leads to retention of emotions, increase in the need for control and problems with getting in contact with emotions. This is usually more common in men as they need to appear stronger.

Breathing only in the chest could make one stuck in their emotions, unable to deal with them. Such individuals are not centered.
Birth trauma causes physical, emotional and mental damage resulting from the struggle for one’s first breath. This is the main reason behind most people sub- ventilating as adults when they breathe. Their breathing mechanism is inhibited because it is repressing the fear they felt at birth.

5EB, helps overcome these physical, emotional and mental damages.
Affirmations, when repeated, enter our subconscious. Affirmational 5EB uses breath to empower positive affirmations, at a deeper level, to release old, stagnant beliefs. It is a great help, support and inspiration for individuals who consciously want to take charge of their lives to start creating the life they want.
5EB sessions can be given to children as soon as they are old enough to follow instructions to guide their breathing rhythm. They normally follow their own intuitions so one should let them take the reins of the session.
5EB can be safely done up to 8 months of pregnancy. However, it is important to note that the breathing should be gentle and at a comfortable rhythm.

A woman can begin with 5EB sessions 3 months post delivery.
No, she cannot take a session during her menstrual cycle.
Any person with health problems can do 5 Elements Breathwork. Someone who is suffering from an illness can benefit a lot because most health issues are psychosomatic. 5EB works at the subconscious level releasing traumas, beliefs, fears and anything that is weighing one down.

NOTE : 5EB facilitators do not diagnose or treat illnesses and do not practice medicine. A facilitator’s role is to help the client to breathe Energy through which healing takes place at all levels including physical.
It is advised that both parents (or at least one of them) to take 5EB sessions before these are given to their children. Usually, children absorb their parents EEP (Emotional Energy Pollution) and problems. When parents take 5EB sessions and release the hurt, traumas and blockages it helps the child. In many cases we have seen that the child’s problem disappear.
5EB by itself is not a spiritual technique; it is a cleansing process. However, during and / or after sessions, an individual may lean towards spirituality. If one is already into spiritual practices, like meditation, there will be considerable enhancement of these after a 5EB session.
5 Elements Breathwork is not hyperventilation. Healthy breathing occurs with a balance between breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide. Hyperventilation is a medical condition in which one starts to breathe very fast, thereby disturbing this balance. Exhalation is more than inhalation causing a rapid reduction in carbon dioxide. Subsequently there is a reduction in blood supply to the brain. Such a condition leads to symptoms like breathlessness, lightheadedness and tingling in the fingers. Hyperventilation only occurs as an occasional, panicked response to fear, stress or phobia. On the other hand, 5EB is a rhythmic continuous connected breathing where inhalation is longer and is followed by quick relaxed exhalation. Breathlessness, a symptomatic of hyperventilation, is not a characteristic of 5EB. People who suffer from hyperventilation do not experience profoundly positive change and transformation as experienced in 5EB.
Pranayama and 5EB are not the same. Pranayama works with Prana vayu, it is breathing with Air element only. In 5EB, one works with all the five breath forces along with their corresponding elements, taking in both air and energy.